Viveka Gren

Welcome to my creative universe

It is an eclectic world, full of warmth, love and many a twisted turn. It resonates with all that constitutes being a human and embraces my love for the unexpected and contrasts. 

My art stems from an organic process. Rather than sketching, I start off with a vauge idea and let the materials speak to me, painting a picture in my mind as the piece takes shape. In all my pieces you will find hidden details, waiting to be discovered. 

I work from my home studio in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Some call me an artist, my friends know me as the feeder of creative wonders and coffee. 

About the Artist 

Viveka Gren is a Swedish designer and artist who is best known for her known for her avant-garde sunglasses, headpieces, metal claws and wearable art. She started out as a couture designer and artist in 2015, working mainly in the field of stage costumes for fusion belly dancers and artists. In 2018 HALO by Viveka Gren was launched as a mean to express her creative and artistic visions without restrictions.

Selection of previous work and comissions:

- Wardrobe for international short movie to be released in 2021

- Crown, jewelry and hat created for the 'Desså' music video of Swedish hip hop legend Promoe feat Blizz Bugaddi, to be released in 2020

- Joint Art Exhibition with the Swedish master of Photography 2019 Martina Wärenfeldt at P.Lindberg gallery, Helsingborg, February 8-29th 2020

- Bespoke creations for Brazilian singer Simone Moreno 2019

- The Golden Bandurì halo and costume created for lead singer Madeleine Liljestam of Swedish metal band Eleine 2019

- Bespoke creations for death gospel starlet Louise Lemón 2019

- The Unholy Virgin halo created for the Queen of Swedish Burlesque and event organizer Fräulein Frauke, 2019

- Creation of a 10 year anniversary headdress for the Gothenburg burlesque club Tip the Velvet 2018
- 'The Birka Collection' Fashion show at the Uma Obscura alternative culture festival, Umeå 2018

HALO by Viveka Gren The Birka Collection for tribal fusion belly dance 2018 created from from 100% repurposed material


Enviromental and ethical sustainability has always been a solid base in her work. Most of the material used is sourced from charity shops. To use her own words, there is a certain beauty and artistic challenge in taking something tossed away and giving it a new life.

The 2018 Birka Collection, a line of nine fusion belly dance costumes which was shown at the Fashion Obscura in Umeå, Sweden, is an example of a collection created with 100% repurposed materials. 

As a step to raise awareness regarding the benefits of repurposing, she creates an exclusive jewelry mini collection of three pieces every year.

2018 mini collection: Shades of Apple (three choker necklaces, 85% repurposed materials)

2019 mini collection: Twilight Cascade (three long necklaces with black aluminium and metal, 100% repurposed materials)

HALO by Viveka Gren The Shades of Apple sustainable mini collection 2018

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